We believe that engineering is a science that civilizations based on it, and it is the base of the urbanization, from this point we do our best efforts to be always one of the basic pillars in providing engineering services on a wide scale in this field. our efforts focusing on adding a value and promoting a permanent development by achieving our works through integral team work including professional group to communicate with our customers in order to gain Excellence, Innovation and Inspiration, and at the same time understand and respect the environment which we live and work in it .
We look forward to being part of the ambition of our good government and its wise leadership in the pursuit of achieving KSA vision 2030

Throughout the past, we have gained vast experience Through various projects. We are committed to maintaining the growth and consolidating the relationship with our customers in the both short and long term.
Since established in 2012, PROF CONSULT has set a long – term vision, and has foreseen the potential growth in the industry, accordingly has taken the leading role among the pioneers of this demanding and promising industry.

Our vision :

Occupying a leading position in providing engineering services with international standards.

Our mission :

Professional concepts for engineering consultancy.

Our Core Value


Credibility in our relations with all partners.

Cooperate & Communicate

Cooperate and communicate with each other at all levels and with our partners in order to achieve success and superiority.

We Care

We always take care of our employees, partners, our community and our environment.


We encourage the skills of leadership, innovation, creativity and initiative to embrace thoughts and ideas to reach a permanent development of our services.


We aim at superiority and fulfilling our promises and go beyond.

What We Serve

To keep up with customers’ needs, we committed to offer our services comprehensively.

Preparation of projects specifications and bills of quantities

Preparation of projects specifications and bills of quantities

Architecture and planning

Architecture and planning


studying and evaluating (appreciation) of the institutions structures

Designs works

- Infrastructure designs: roads, water, sewage (sanitation), torrent, irrigation, electrical and communication networks. - Architectural designs: - Electro mechanic designs: electrical works designing, water and sanitation feeding, alarm, fire and safety systems, surveillance and security systems, air conditioning. - Construction designs (concrete, steel structure) - Interior designs - Sites coordination designs

Survey works

Survey works

Project supervision works

Project supervision works

Economic and environmental consultancy

Economic and environmental consultancy

G I S: geographic information system

G I S: geographic information system

Projects management

Projects management


We provide services in certified professional ways.

Our Projects

At Westy Agency, we shows only the best websites and portfolios built completely with passion, simplicity & creativity !

Our Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion. We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives.

Blog & Article

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