Dealing with the elements and components of urbanism development, we have the ability to provide its services in the areas of urbanism planning, from urbanism and environmental studies, structural plans studies, and comprehensive development plans for cities.

And urbanism design plans, the division of lands, the establishment and operation of urbanism observatories for cities and regions. Preparation and formulation of technical requirements and specifications (scope of work) and contracts and supervision of urbanism studies projects … and urbanism observatories of cities.


This is in response to the requirements of the current stage in the Kingdom of development and prosperity in the areas of land planning and real estate development.

Preparing feasibility studies and evaluating urban development and development projects with the aim of rationalizing investment decision-making in this field.

Preparing technical studies and urban designs for the development and development of lands and divisional plans, including the above and below facilities and services, and according to the planning standards, taking into consideration the optimization of the areas of land targeted for investment.

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